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Etzella protects home-court to beat the Musel Pikes

15 avril 2021
On Thursday-evening, the men's 15th game-day was completed with the game Etzella - Musel Pikes. In the end, the hosts were able to grab the victory and improve to 12:2 record, good...

Highlight-video: Markus Ottey takes off for big slam in traffic against Etzella

15 avril 2021
Markus Ottey drives to the basket and takes off for a big slam against Etzella. ...

Highlight-video: Burgett with monster dunk and block 6 seconds later

15 avril 2021
Austin Burgett had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks ... in the first quarter (!) against the Musel Pikes on Thursday. In this highligt-video, he had a monster dunk on one end and...

Season review interview with Thomas Grün

15 avril 2021
Thomas Grün has finished another season as a professional basketball player with the Gladiators Trier. The season ended at the 9th place for Trier, one place shy of the play-offs....

Highlight-video: Contern starts game with great team-play and dunk after 10 seconds

15 avril 2021
AB Contern is playing well lately and on Wednesday, the team started the game with an amazing play. After some passes, US-player Frink dunks the basketball just 10 seconds into the...
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