15 LBBL games from Friday until Sunday

A total of 15 games will be played in the LBBL over the next 2 days. While the women play a double game day on Friday and Sunday, the men play one game day from Friday until Sunday.

In the men’s league, the 6 games are stretched over 3 days with 2 games coming up on Friday, 3 games on Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.

On Friday, Sparta Bertrange started 2023 well and faces a tough challenge on the road in Steinsel, a great opportunity for the team of coach Christophe Flammang to show that they can become a dangerous team if they make the play-offs. Zolwer comes off a big win at home against Résidence and now takes on a big challenge on the road against Dudelange. T71 wants to stay in reach with leader Steinsel and keep a chance of finishing the regular season on the first place.

On Saturday, 2 key games in the play-off race will be played. Gréngewald Hueschtert (5:11) is under pressure against the direct rival AB Contern (7:9). Contern clearly won the first meeting by 23 points and with a victory, the team of coach Gabor Boros would make a big step towards the top 8 and would also have a huge lead over Gréngewald. Arantia Larochette (9:7) has put itself into a great situation with wins over the top teams Etzella and Amicale. With a win over the Musel Pikes (6:10), the team of coach Christophe Ney would almost certainly be qualified for the round of the top 8 teams. Résidence Walfer (10:6) has lost contact to the top of the league since the start of the year, mainly because of their complicated roster situation and it will be interesting to if the team of coach Alexis Kreps can challenge Basket Esch at home.

On Sunday, US Heffingen (2:14) is looking for its first winning streak of the season on the road in Ettelbruck (11:5) while the hosts will try to stay on the top spots in the standings.

On Friday:
20:45 T71 Dudelange – AS Zolwer
20:45 Amicale Steinsel – Sparta Bertrange

On Saturday:
18:30 Gréngewald Hueschtert – AB Contern
20:00 Musel Pikes – Arantia Larochette
20:30 Résidence Walfer – Basket Esch

On Sunday:
17:15 Etzella Ettelbruck – US Heffingen

In the women’s league, a double game is scheduled with 4 games on Friday and 5 games on Sunday. One game (Gréngewald Hueschtert – AS Zolwer 79:93) has already been played on Wednesday. Zolwer will play its second and third game within 5 days on this double game day.

Gréngewald Hueschtert (11:2) has shown that the team is ready to compete for the titles, the « Greens » are playing well at the moment and they have a chance to show their strength on Sunday on the road against Contern (10:4). T71 Dudelange (10:1) has the most remaining games of all LBBL teams this season, they have played only 11 out of 20 regular season games so far.

The play off race heatens up in the women’s league as the Musel Pikes (5:10) and Etzella Ettelbruck (5:9) are currently on ranks 7 and 8. This double game day could potentially shake up the league standings so that it will be interesting to take a look at the play-off race on Sunday evening.

On Friday:
18:30 T71 Dudelange – AS Zolwer
18:45 Amicale Steinsel – Etzella Ettelbruck
20:00 Musel Pikes – Sparta Bertrange
20:30 Résidence Walfer – Basket Esch

On Sunday:
15:15 Etzella Ettelbruck – Musel Pikes
16:00 AS Zolwer – Les Sangliers Wiltz
16:00 AB Contern – Gréngewald Hueschtert
16:30 Basket Esch – T71 Dudelange
16:45 Sparta Bertrange – Résidence Walfer

Par FLBB , le 19/01/2023 à 20:24