How to organise 3×3 events

It is possible for local organisations, such as basketball clubs or associations, to organise a 3×3 event. Tournaments are easy to organise, can take place indoors or outdoors and can vary in size (minimum 4 teams).

FLBB will provide the necessary guidance, tools and practical assistance to anyone interested in hosting a 3×3 event.

As part of this assistance, FLBB can help with:

  • Registration of event through FIBA Event Maker
  • Registration of players & teams
  • Publication of event on FLBB website
  • Scheduling
  • Potential Sponsoring
  • Practice session for club teams involved: Introduction to 3×3
  • Official 3×3 game balls
  • Supervision on day of event
  • Organization of 3×3 referees
  • Possibility to rent 3×3 official outdoor court
  • Etc.


Please find the following documentation that will help you organise a 3×3 event.

3×3 Event Manual

3×3 Event Checklist

3×3 Event Budget


If you’re interested, you can send an E-Mail to 3×