16 players are in the preliminary roster for the games in February

National team head coach Ken Diderich has nominated the following 16 players to join the preliminary roster for the national team games in February.

In the 2027 World Cup Pre-Qualifiers, Luxembourg will play on the road in Romania on February 22nd while a home game against Norway is scheduled at the Coque in Kirchberg for February 25th – save the date!

The nominated players:
Philippe Gutenkauf (Etzella Ettelbruck)
Yannick Verbeelen (Sparta Bertrange)
Max Logelin (Sparta Bertrange)
Ivan Delgado (Yoast United, Netherlands)
Thomas Grün (Basket Esch)
Ben Kovac (Patrioti Levice, Slovakia)
Alex Laurent (Amicale Steinsel)
Dorian Grosber (Alba Berlin, Germany)
Malcolm Kreps (Den Helder Suns, Netherlands)
Clancy Rugg (Basket Esch)
Oliver Vujakovic (Résidence Walfer)
Christopher Jack (T71 Dudelange)
Davy Rocha (Mambra Mamer)
Ivor Kuresevic (Vienna, Austria)
Joe Kalmes (T71 Dudelange)
Derek Wilson Jr (Arantia Larochette)

10 countries are part of the PRE-Qualifiers, here are the groups:

Group A: Switzerland, Kosovo, Ireland, Azerbaijan
Group B: Romania, Luxembourg, Norway
Group C: Austria, Armenia, Albania

The countries will face each other in home and away games during 3 windows (February 2024, November 2024, February 2025)

The 3 group winners and the best ranked second team will advance to the next round of the PRE-Qualifiers.

Par FLBB , le 29/01/2024 à 18:05