3 decisions will fall on Saturday

This weekend, two decisive game 3’s will be played in the men’s LBBL quarter finals. At the same time, AB Contern and Amicale Steinsel will fight for the final semi final spot in the women’s play-offs.

20:00 Résidence Walfer – Arantia Larochette
20:30 Amicale Steinsel – Sparta Bertrange

In the men’s quarter finals, the decisive game 3 is scheduled in the games between Walfer and Larochette and between Steinsel and Bertrange. Basket Esch and Etzella Ettelbruck are already qualified for semi finals after winning their series 2:0. It will be interesting to see if Sparta can play with as much confidence on the road as they did on Wednesday in front of their home crowd when Yannick Verbeelen exploded for 31 points . Can Bertrange challenge the number one seeded team Steinsel one more time?
Arantia lost the first game on the road in Walferdange by only 3 points, game 3 could become another nail biter. One main question for the hosts will be if Travis Daniels will be available to play for the team after missing game 2.

In the women’s play-offs, the 5th and final game day before the start of the semi finals will be played on Saturday.

18:30 AB Contern – Amicale Steinsel
18:30 Gréngewald Hueschtert – Sparta Bertrange
19:00 Les Sangliers Wiltz – T71 Dudelange

It is the showdown between Contern and Steinsel, the winner will take the 4th place in the standings and play the semi finals against leader Gréngewald Hueschtert. The season will be over for the losing team. Wiltz will play its final game of the season against Dudelange while Gréngewald and Bertrange look to stay in shape in a game that does not have an influence on the final standings.

In the men’s play-down, both games are scheduled for Saturday:
19:00 Kordall Steelers – Musel Pikes
20:30 Gréngewald Hueschtert – Mambra Mamer

Mambra Mamer 9:14 32
Musel Pikes 6:17 29
Gréngewald Hueschtert 6:17 29
Kordall Steelers 5:18 28

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