8 play off teams are known / Sparta and Wiltz play against relegation

Only 1 full game day remains to be played in the women’s LBBL regular season. However, several rescheduled games are still on the schedule as well over the next days. The 8 play-off teams are known, they will face each other once again (every team plays 7 games) in the first part of the « play offs » (qualification phase 2 in the picture) before the real elimination series’ will start.

T71 will have the chance to finish the regular season unbeaten with a home game against Basket Esch on Saturday. The Musel Pikes, who lost Cathy Schmit during the season to a career ending injury, will finish the regular season second while Résidence is third in the standings. Amicale, Basket Esch, Gréngewald, Contern and Etzella will be part of the play-offs this season.

Sparta and Wiltz will have to fight against relegation against the top 2 teams from the women’s National 2. These 2 teams are not known yet. AS Zolwer has the best record in the second division (12:1) while Racing (11:3), Black Star (11:2) and Heffingen (10:4) are also in the mix to finish under the top two teams.

The game modus for the season:

The LBBL will continue on Wednesday with a game between Gréngewald and Basket Esch, Wiltz and the Musel Pikes will play against each other on Thursday.

Par FLBB , le 17/01/2022 à 21:34