Amicale beats Contern and takes last semi final spot

Amicale Steinsel is the 4th team to qualify for the women’s semi finals. On Saturday, the team of coach Erny Gruskovnjak was able to win the direct showdown against AB Contern on the road.

In the semi finals (best of 3 series), the unbeaten numer one seed Gréngewald will have home court advantage over Amicale Steinsel, second seed T71 Dudelange will start at home against Sparta Bertrange.

AB Contern – Amicale Steinsel 66:89
– Amicale takes the 4th place in the standings and qualifies for the semi finals, the season is over for Contern
– Alexia Allesch led the guests with 28 points, Mikayla Ferenz added 20 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, Steinsel hit 12 threes in this « do or die » game

Gréngewald Hueschtert – Sparta Bertrange 98:68
– Gréngewald will head into the semi finals unbeaten (21:0 record)
– Samantha Logic had 12 points and 20 (!) assists to lead her team, Amanda Cahill scored a game-high 25

Les Sangliers Wiltz – T71 Dudelange 53:78
– 10 players scored 4+ points for Dudelange, the team will enter the semi finals against Sparta with home court advantage

The final standings after 5 rounds in the play-offs:

Team Record overall Play-off record Points
Gréngewald 21:0 5:0 42
Dudelange 16:5 4:1 37
Bertrange 14:7 3:2 35
Steinsel 11:10 2:3 32
Contern 11:10 1:4 32
Wiltz 8:13 0:5 29








Par FLBB , le 30/03/2024 à 20:34