Amicale Steinsel wins the 2023/24 championship

On Sunday, game 4 of the men’s « best of 5 » finals series was played in Ettelbruck. Amicale Steinsel is the champion of the 2023/24 season.

Etzella Ettelbruck – Amicale Steinsel 65:69
– Amicale wins the « best-of-5 »-series 3:1, it was the first road victory in the series and the 10th title in the club’s history
– Etzella did not find a rhythm to start the game and trailed 29:46 at the break
– After a furious comeback in the final quarter, Etzella had 2 chances to tie the game late in the 4th quarter, Philippe Gutenkauf and Jimmie Lee Taylor missed 3-pointers and Noah Medeot decided the game at the free throw line

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Par FLBB , le 05/05/2024 à 19:09