Amicale takes 1st place / All play-off matchups

The 22nd and final game day was played in the men’s LBBL on Saturday evening. Amicale Steinsel secured the 1st place in the standings. All 6 home teams won their game on Saturday.

Arantia Larochette – AS Zolwer 101:77
– 5 Arantia-players scored 10+ points, the team will enter the play-offs as the number 5 seed and face Etzella in the first round
– Zolwer enters the play-down 1 point behind the Musel Pikes and Gréngewald

Musel Pikes – Résidence Walfer 88:76
– Important points for the Musel Pikes, the club will compete in the play-down while Résidence will enter the play-offs as the number 7 seed
– Devonte Patterson led the team with 28 points and Tom Welter added 19

Basket Esch – US Heffingen 90:74
– Basket Esch finishes the regular season in second place and will host Résidence in the first round, Heffingen enters the play-down in a difficult position, the club already trails Gréngewald and the Musel Pikes by 4 points with only 6 remaining games
– Clancy Rugg led the way for Esch with 34 points

Etzella Ettelbruck – Gréngewald Hueschtert 103:85
– Etzella will host Arantia in the first play-off round, Gréngewald will compete in the play-down
– Marquill Smith led Etzella with 31 points, Philippe Gutenkauf added 18

Amicale Steinsel – T71 Dudelange 83:78
– Amicale had a furious start and took a big lead but T71 stormed back in the third quarter. In the end, Amicale wins the game and takes the 1st place in the final standings, T71 finishes the regular season in 3rd place behind Amicale and Esch
– Alex Reese, Jarvis Williams and Bob Melcher scored 20+ points for the hosts

Sparta Bertrange – AB Contern 115:74
– Sparta overtakes Résidence and enters the play-offs as the number 6 seed, Contern will face league leader Amicale in round of the play-offs
– Max Logelin (23 points) and Nicolas Toussaint (28) had high scoring games for Sparta as 5 players scored in double digits and all 12 players played 6+ minutes

The play-off matchups (1/4-finals)
1) Amicale Steinsel VS 8) AB Contern
2) Basket Esch VS 7) Résidence Walfer
3) T71 Dudelange VS 6) Sparta Bertrange
4) Etzella Ettelbruck VS 5) Arantia Larochette

–> Best of three series / First team with 2 victories advances to the semi finals

Standings entering the play-down:
Gréngewald – 29
Musel Pikes – 29
Zolwer – 28
Heffingen – 25

–> All 4 teams will meet each other twice, the two last teams relegate to the National 2, the third last placed team will play a relegation series against the third best team from the second league (best of three)

Par FLBB , le 11/03/2023 à 22:25