Anne Simon talks about the current season and her future

Anne Simon is playing her 4th season in the USA for MAINE university. The talented 22-year old player has a clear goal in her mind and that is to play professional basketball in the future.

Maine has a balanced 8:8 record so far this season. On Friday, Anne Simon scored 15 points and added 4 assists and 3 rebounds in a 71:54 victory over UMBC.

How do you evaluate the season for your team at this moment?
Our season is going on average at the moment. Our non-conference matches were quite tough and that is why we lost a few matches in the beginning of the season but we played against really good teams. We are currently 4:0 in our conference matches. All in all I am satisfied. Of course there are things where we can be better and we will hopefully improve over the next games.

How do you evaluate the season for you personally?
Personally, the last year for me unfortunately did not go as hoped. At the beginning of the season, I twisted my ankle and missed a full month. Since then I have played only 3 real matches. I realize that I need to regain my self-confidence to play the way that I am capable of playing. Hopefully I will continue to improve over the next weeks.

What are the goals as a team?
Just like the seasons before, our goal is to enter the March Madness tournament. This means that we will have to win every game in the play-offs which will be a great challenge.

What are your plans for the next season?
I do not have a definite plan for next season. It is a possibility to play a 5th season at my college or I can try to find a situation to play professional basketball after this season. I think that I will take that decision at the end of this season.

Par FLBB , le 16/01/2023 à 09:47