Announcement by the FLBB

The national basketball federation is in the duty to make an announcement following an incident that happened in the stands during a game in Esch.

As we gather to enjoy the spirit of the game, let’s remember to uphold the principles of sportsmanship and respect. Cheer loudly for your team, but also applaud the efforts of the opposition. Let the players be inspired by our support, not discouraged by negativity. Let’s all together enjoy the game we all love, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and joy.

We firmly state that we will not accept or tolerate any form of disruptive or disrespectful behavior. Such actions go against the spirit of the game and the community we cherish. The federation and both involved clubs are committed to taking the necessary actions to prevent any further issues and ensure a safe and positive environment for all.

Par FLBB , le 12/04/2024 à 06:42