Bascharage adds Ndiaye

Nationale 2 team Hedgehogs Bascharage has added Aziz Ndiaye who lastly played for N2-team Wiltz. Next to Greg Logins (who stays with the club) and Scott Morton (who joins from Racing on a 2-year-contract), Aziz will be the third non-JICL-reinforcement for the club.

Bascharage head-coach Adam Radomirovic notes that „our policy will be max. 2 non-JICL-players on the floor at the same time, except against teams who play with 3 non-jicl all the time.“

Official statement by the club:

Next week at the FLBB’s AGEO there will be a voting about a limitation of 2 non-jicl on the floor just for the Total League. As a club we are absolutely in favor of having this limitation, but at the same time we think that the Nationale 2 cannot be excluded from this ruling. Therefore, no matter the voting result for the ruling in the Total League, we will take a stand and limit the non-jicl on the floor ourselves. In our opinion this is the best way to develop the Luxembourgish/jicl players and force them to take responsibility on the floor. 120 minutes of the 200 per game are reserved for our jicl players, which has not been the case in the past seasons. Only against teams with 3 non-jicl we will use our third player accordingly.

Par Kim Thesen , le 19/06/2020 à 07:26