Championship finals and promotion-series start this weekend

A big weekend is ahead in the Luxembourg Basketball league. While game 1 of the women`s and men`s finals are on the schedule, it is also the first game of the promotion and relegation series between Contern and Mondorf.

Men`s finals game 1
Saturday: 20:30 Amicale Steinsel – T71 Dudelange

The number 7 seed Amicale enters the finals with home court advantage against the number 8 seed T71 Dudelange. After special play-offs so far in the men`s competition, everybody knows that everything is possible, both teams have good chances of winning the title, something both clubs certainly did not think about 2 or 3 months ago. The finals will be decided in a best-of-5 series!

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Women`s finals game 1
Saturday: 17:00 T71 – Résidence

In the women`s finals, we will see a rematch of the cup final between number one seed T71 and number 2 seed Résidence. While the women from Dudelange enter the series as the slight favorite because of their strong season overall, the team of coach Altmann knows that Walferdange can be a very difficult opponent. The finals will be decided in a best-of-3 series!

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Promotion and relegation series
Game 1 on Sunday 18:30 – Avanti Mondorf VS AB Contern

A very exciting series between Mondorf (National 2) and Contern (LBBL) will decide which team will play in the LBBL next season. Mondorf has played a surprisingly strong season in the National 2 and for the club these next 2 or 3 games are the biggest in the history of the club. Khalil Small (picture) has led the National 2 in scoring with over 30 points per game, the second professional player John Ross averaged 22 points and the team also had 3 JICL players with more than 6 points per game ( full National 2 scoring list –> Hoffmann and Small earn National 2 scoring titles ). Contern will surely not underestimate the opponent, coach Gavin Love wants to help the club stay in the highest league before he will look for a new challenge after the season. Mondorf will have home court advantage in game 1 and also in a possible game 3.

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