Claire Margue was part of the European women’s basketball summit

Claire Margue participated in the 17th FIBA European women’s basketball summit. The 43-year old Margue shares her thoughts on the experience:

„ I am really grateful that I had the oopportunity to participate in the 17th FIBA European women’s basketball summit in Postojna (Slovenia).

The summit included four days of classes, practuces and discussions based on four topics, one for ech day: energy, motivation, development, respect and communication. It was a great pleasure to work, to learn and to get feedback from very experienced FIBA Europe coaching instructors such as Milena Moulisova, Silvia Fonte and Janez Dravic. Some of my personal highlights were the icebreaker games with Silvia at the beginning of the camp, the fun warm-up’s from Milena, the pick and roll methodology by Janez and the open consultation with FIBA Sports Psychologist Dubravka Martinovic. We also had to perform every day several minutes on a special drill, prepared in advance in small groups.

The whole camp gave me the opportunity to grow as a coach and as a person. I really enjoyedthe experience to stay and work with only female coaches that, in my eyes, need to be valued more in the future because this is not the case in a lot of countries.

I met a lot of nice people and had good conversations, exchanges of ideas and experiences. « 

Par FLBB , le 07/07/2024 à 07:40