Decision between Mamer and Mondorf will fall on final game day

The 7th out of 8 game days has been played in the men’s National 2 play-offs. No decision in the promotion race has fallen this game day, Mamer and Mondorf can both clinch pormotion next weekend.

In fact, Mambra Mamer and Avanti Mondorf will enter the 8th and final game day tied in points. Furthermore, no team was able to win the direct comparison so that the points difference in the play-offs might decide which team promotes to the LBBL. Mondorf suffered a surprising and crucial home loss on Saturday against Black Star Mersch (91:94). Mamer took profit on Sunday by beating Bascharage 103:85 so that both teams have 41 points before the final game day. If both teams win or both teams lose, the points difference will become decisive which teams promotes directly to the LBBL. At this moment, Mondorf has a +/- of +49 while Mamer has a +/- of +65. The runner up for the second place will have a chance to promote via the promotion/relegation series against the third last placed team in the LBBL which will be Gréngewald or Zolwer.

Racing Luxembourg was able to grab a 80:59 victory over leader Kordall Steelers, the guests played without professional players in this game. Jérôme Käfer led racing with 20 points. During the week, Racing’s head coach Pit Rodenbourg announced that he will not continue to coach the team in the upcoming season.

The standings:
Kordall Steelers (20:5) – 45 points (Kordall has clinched promotion to the LBBL)
Avanti Mondorf (16:9) – 41 points
Mambra Mamer (16:9) – 41 points
Racing Luxembourg (14:11) – 39 points
Black Star Mersch (13:12) – 38 points
Hedgehogs Bascharage (12:13) – 37 points

After the play-offs, the top 2 teams promote to the LBBL while the 3rd placed team will play a best-of-3 promotion series against the third last placed team of the LBBL.

Par FLBB , le 16/04/2023 à 19:07