Denis Toroman participated in an international coaching clinic

FLBB coach Denis Toroman participated in an international coaching clinic during FIBA EuroBasketin Prague (Czech Republic).

As part of the group stage of Eurobasket 2022, the Czech basketball federation organised a coaching clinic with very high level lecturers and lectures in Prague.

CEO of Bayern Munich Basketball, Marko Pesic, was talking about the management of his club Bayern, why they are a successful and sustainable sport organisation, and philosophy, values and business concept that Bayern Munich basketball follows.

Franceso Cuzzolin, one of the best coaches in his field, explained in details the importance of strength training in basketball from an early age on.

Euroleague and NBA coach Neven Spahija shared his coaching philosophy and also went into details of transition offense options and different variations in pick and roll and off ball defense.

Fiba lecturer, Nenad Trunic, showed and explained specific drills and teaching points of decision making and 1 on 1 game development.

A high number of coaches from Czech Republic and abroad attended this 2 day clinic, everybody appreciated the valuable knowledge and information that the lectures shared with them.

Par FLBB , le 05/09/2022 à 11:34