Dino Ceman to combine studies and basketball in Berlin

Dino Ceman will leave Luxembourg and combine basketball and studies in Germany (Berlin) as his club T71 published on Thursday.

Ceman (19 years) will play in the German Pro B league for RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf.

T71 Dudelange has had multiple roster changes this off-season so far.

Coach Yves Defraigne
Moses Greenwood stays
Jimmie Taylor stays
Greg Logins Jr (Bascharage)
Mihailo Andjelkovic (Contern)
Christophe Laures (Racing)

Coach Tom Schumacher
Philippe Arendt (Heffingen)
Colin Braun (Sparta)
Jo Hoeser (takes a break)
Dino Ceman (Berlin, Germany)

Picture: Ant Deister

Par FLBB , le 28/07/2022 à 13:20