Double game day in the men’s LBBL

It is time for a double game day in the men’s LBBL. On Friday and Sunday, some decisions could fall in the play-off race and in the fight for the best play-off seedings.

AB Contern (10:8) and Arantia Larochette (9:9) are in an excellent situation, they can reach the play-off with a victory on Friday evening!
The play-off chances of Gréngewald and Kordall (both 5:14) are small, both teams need to win their remaining games and hope for rivals to lose in order to get back into the mix. Mamer (6:12) also needs victories to put pressure on Sparta. If Mamer loses both games this weekend and Sparta grabs a win on Friday, Mamer will play in the relegation group. It is possible that we will know the 8 play-off teams on Sunday evening – an exciting weekend is ahead.

20:00 Sparta Bertrange – Basket Esch
20:30 Résidence Walfer – Mambra Mamer
20:30 Etzella Ettelbruck – Musel Pikes
20:45 Kordall Steelers – Arantia Larochette
20:45 AB Contern – T71 Dudelange
20:45 Amicale Steinsel – Gréngewald Hueschtert

On Sunday:
16:30 Basket Esch – Résidence Walfer
17:00 Mambra Mamer – AB Contern
17:00 Musel Pikes – Amicale Steinsel
18:00 T71 Dudelange – Etzella Ettelbruck

The standings: –> Top 8, on y est presque

In the women’s LBBL, 2 games are scheduled on Friday while one game from game day 17 is scheduled for Saturday. There is a possibility that the places 1-6 will be known after this game day. If Amicale, T71 and Gréngewald win their game, the standings will be known. (1. Gréngewald , 2. T71, 3. Sparta, 4. Amicale, 5. Contern, 6. Wiltz).

18:45 Amicale Steinsel – Musel Pikes
18:45 AB Contern – T71 Dudelange

19:00 Les Sangliers Wiltz – Gréngewald Hueschtert

The standings:

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