Duane Johnson feels „pretty good » after playing 50 minutes

Duane Johnson and Arantia Larochette won a double overtime thriller on Saturday-evening in the derby against Heffingen on the road. Johnson played all 50 minutes of this game and decided the game late by scoring multiple baskets in the second overtime, he finished the game with 27 points and 18 rebounds.

„I actually feel pretty good. Coach (Christophe Ney) prepared us very well during pre-season so that it does not feel too different to any other game. Today (Sunday) I will recover and rest a lot » Johnson says. His team will face a game on Tuesday already in the cup. In wiltz, Arantia will trail 0:20 to start the game but the team from the first league should not be challenged by the 3rd league team. „We will have a quick turnaround with a game on Tuesday so I will be preparing my body for it. »

With thiw win, Arantia has started the season 3:1, a great start for the club. „This was a great win for us as we could see where we are as a team, we will use this experience moving forward. »

Next weekend, Arantia will face Telstar at home, a game in which Arantia is the clear favorite so that the good start into the season could continue.

Par Kim Thesen , le 11/10/2020 à 19:12