Esch beats Zolwer – decisions could fall this weekend

On Tuesday evening, one game was played in the women’s LBBL.

AS Zolwer – Basket Esch 43:98
– Zolwer remains winless (0:16), Esch has a 4:11 record after this victory
– 6 Esch-players scored in double digits

Both teams will be part of the promotion and relegation group together with the Musel Pikes and Schieren as well as Mersch from the Nationale 2. In this group, the points will be set to zero.

On Friday and Saturday, game day 17 will be on the schedule in the women’s LBBL, it is the second last game day before the start of the play-offs.

18:45 Amicale Steinsel – Musel Pikes
18:45 AB Contern – T71 Dudelange

19:00 Les Sangliers Wiltz – Gréngewald Hueschtert

There is a possibility that the places 1-6 will be known after this game day. If Amicale, T71 and Gréngewald win their game, the standings will be known. (1. Gréngewald , 2. T71, 3. Sparta, 4. Amicale, 5. Contern, 6. Wiltz).

Par FLBB , le 06/02/2024 à 21:22