Etzella, Walfer, Esch and Steinsel grab a 1:0 lead

This weekend, the LBBL men’s play-offs quarter finals started.

Résidence Walfer – Arantia Larochette 98:95 (overtime)
– Résidence leads the best-of-3 series 1:0
– Arantia’s Ryan Ogden hit a difficult shot to force overtime, and Arantia had one last chance to tie the game once again in overtime, but Dillon Stith was called for an offensive foul (video)
– Leon Ayers scored a game-high 36 points

Amicale Steinsel – Sparta Bertrange 91:72
– Amicale leads the best-of-3 series 1:0
– Jarvis Williams led all scorers with 35 points, Bob Melcher (16), Kim Aiken Jr (15) and Alex Laurent (15) scored in double digits as well

Basket Esch – T71 Dudelange 78:54
– Basket Esch leads the best-of-3 series 1:0
– Esch took the lead early with a strong second quarter, Jordan Hicks scored 19 points as a balanced team gives Esch the lead in the series
– Dudelange struggled from the field, Joe Kalmes was the main scorer with 11 points, the team only made 31 percent of its shot attempts

Etzella Ettelbruck – AB Contern 85:79
– Etzella takes a 1:0 series lead in the best-of-3 series
– Philippe Gutenkauf scored 25 points including a clutch 3-pointer late in the game (video below)

Musel Pikes – Gréngewald Hueschtert 88:74
– Marcs Gilbert made his debut for Gréngewald, he was the only professional player on the roster for the « Greens »
– The Musel Pikes used a strong fourth quarter (33:13) to win this game, Jalen Green scored 38 points
– Both teams are now tied in the standings

Mambra Mamer – Kordall Steelers 82:75
– Zachary Watson made his debut for the Steelers, the guests used a comeback in the fourth quarter to make the game interesting but fell short in the end
– Billy McDaniel led Mamer with 29 points, Mamer has a very comfortable position in the standings after the first game day

Mambra Mamer 9:14 32
Musel Pikes 6:17 29
Gréngewald Hueschtert 6:17 29
Kordall Steelers 5:18 28

In the women’s play-offs, game day 4 out of 5 was on the schedule.

Sparta Bertrange – Les Sangliers Wiltz 92:62
– Martha Burse had a triple double (17/10/10) for Bertrange
– Sparta will enter the semi finals as the number 3 seed

T71 Dudelange – AB Contern 73:61
– Dudelange secures the second place and will have home court in the semi finals against Sparta
– Shalonda Winton just missed a triple double (11 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists), Ehis Etute added a double double (15 points, 13 rebounds)

Amicale Steinsel – Gréngewald Hueschtert 64:83
– Gréngewald remains unbeaten in the championship, Amanda Cahill scored 28 points for the guests

–> Next weekend, AB Contern and Amicale Steinsel will meet in a decisive head-to-head duell, the winner of that game will earn the 4th place and enter the smei finals against leader Gréngewald Hueschtert.

The standings:

Team Record overall Play-off record Points
Gréngewald 20:0 4:0 40
Dudelange 15:5 3:1 35
Bertrange 14:6 3:1 34
Contern 11:9 1:3 31
Steinsel 10:10 1:3 30
Wiltz 8:12 0:4 28








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