Final decisions will fall on Saturday

It is time for the final game day of the regular season 2022/23 in the women’s and men’s LBBL. While the play-off teams are known in both leagues, the question will be which teams will face each other in the 1/8 finals. Several teams already know their place in the standings, both a lot of spots remain undecided so that the last game day is full of excitement.

In the men’s LBBL, 3 teams compete for the first place on the last game day! Amicale Steinsel and T71 Dudelange will meet in a final showdown on Saturday in Steinsel while Basket Esch will host Heffingen.
–> If Amicale wins against T71, they earn the numer one seed
–> If there is a 3-team tie, Basket Esch takes the number one seed (T71 and Basket Esch win)
–> T71 needs to beat Amicale by more than 9 points and they need a loss by Basket Esch against Heffingen to take the first place

Etzella knows that they will have home court advantage against Arantia in the first round so that both teams can take this weekend’s game as a last test before the play-offs.

Résidence Walfer and Sparta Bertrange are tied in the standings and will fight for the 6th place on Saturday. Résidence earns the tie-breaker in this duell and therefore Sparta needs to beat Contern and needs Résidence to lose against the Musel Pikes to take the 6th place. AB Contern will enter the play-offs as the number 8 seed.

The 4 teams that will compete in the play-down (Heffingen, Zolwer, Gréngewald, Musel Pikes) will fight for every point because every single point could become decisive in the end, the 4 teams know that the play-down will be a very tough challenge.

On Saturday:
20:00 Musel Pikes – Résidence Walfer
20:00 Arantia Larochette – AS Zolwer
20:30 Basket Esch – US Heffingen
20:30 Etzella Ettelbruck – Gréngewald Hueschtert
20:30 Sparta Bertrange – AB Contern
20:30 Amicale Steinsel – T71 Dudelange

In the women’s LBBL, T71 Dudelange can clinch the number one seed with a win on the road in Stadtbredimus against the Musel Pikes. Gréngewald could take the 1st place with a win on the road against Etzella and a loss by T71 at the same time.

Sparta and Contern fight for the 3rd place in a direct showdown on the last game day. In fact, Contern would have to beat Sparta by more than 11 points to pass the team in the standings. If Sparta wins the game or loses by less than 11 points, the team from Bertrange takes 3rd place. Résidence will stay on the 4rd place if Contern loses against Sparta. If Contern beats Sparta, Résidence falls to the 5th spot.

Amicale will enter the play-offs as the number 6 seed but they do not know their opponent at this point.

The Musel Pikes have a chance to jump to 7th place with a win against T71 and a loss by Basket Esch against Zolwer at the same time.

On Saturday:
18:00 Musel Pikes – T71 Dudelange
18:30 Etzella Ettelbruck – Gréngewald Hueschtert
18:30 Sparta Bertrange – AB Contern
18:30 Amicale Steinsel – Les Sangliers Wiltz
18:30 Basket Esch – AS Zolwer –> Aziz Ndiaye : « On a vraiment une attaque de ouf »

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