First European league ranking created/ Video-Interview(s) with initiator Adam Radomirovic

Initialized by Bascharage head-coach Adam Radomirovic, a league-ranking for European basketball leagues has been created. It is the first such open-source-project in our sport. In this articlel, Radomirovic, former professional player, talks among other things about the ranking, his passion for basketball and the strenght of the Luxembourgish leagues and players based on the ranking.

On the website , you can find the complete ranking as well as the detailled criteria to determine the places of the leagues.

Luxembourg’s Total League is ranked on the 51st place in the ranking while the Nationale 2 is ranked on place 66.

In the German magazine « FIVE », an article was published about the subject as well, feel free to visit the website to download and read the article once it appears (edition 176).

In the series of video-interview below, Adam Radomirovic talks about:
– the idea and criteria for the ranking (video 1)
– the best leagues and top players in Europe (video 2)
– the Luxembourgish leagues in the ranking (video 3)
– the Luxembourgish players abroad (video 4)
– his personal career and plans for the future (video 5)
– his experiences of coaching FLBB-president Samy Picard (video 6)

Picture: Bascharage Hedgehogs

Par FLBB , le 13/02/2021 à 22:45