FLBB’s general rules on how to restart training activities

The FLBB is pleased that the government has declared the next phase of the deconfinement, which means further step towards a new normality, also for sports. As basketball is a contact sport, regular practises will not be possible (and no competition). However, with the allowance of ball sharing, players and coaches will have more possibilities in practise. It is very important to note that all the general measures and hygiene recommendations must be respected at all time.

Recommendations for Basketball Practices
– Keep the distance (2 meters)
– 2m lateral distance between 2 athletes (5m if two athletes run one behind the other)
– No contact practise (so no 1-1, 2-2, etc. drills)
– Only fundamentals will be practised
– Practise in smaller groups (number depending on the size of the gym)
– 2 players per basket (lateral distance of 2m must be guaranteed)

-Disinfection of ballson a regular basis during activity
-Passes & rebounding are possible (fixed groups of 2-3 people during the practise/Groups don’t change and balls are not interchanged between the groups)

Hygiene rules
-Players and coaches must wear the mask inside.
– Players can take the mask of during the practise.
-Players wash hand prior & after the activity-Disinfection solution must be available at the practise courts
-Materials disinfected before & after(wear the mask while collecting & disinfecting material)
-Every player needs to bring his own water bottle (no exchange)

No interference between the different practise groups
– Showers and locker-rooms will be open but the number of persons allowed will be limited in order to guarantee the 2m distance.
– The training areas should be ventilated as much as possible during and after each training session (minimum 20 minutes)

Responsibility of Coaches

-keep the 2m distance while explaining/correcting and showing exercises
-responsible to check that players follow the rules (keepingthedistance etc.)
-Disinfecting balls (and other materialsused) before and after each practise
-The clubs/ coaches will be responsible to organise the practise schedules such as all regulations will be met.

Individual shooting practise possible with the “shooting gun”
-The shooting gunpasses the balls to the playerafter the shots
-Only one player shoots with the gun at once
-Coach will be in the gym, observing and giving corrections from distance.

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Par FLBB , le 06/06/2020 à 08:32