Gréngewald Hueschtert wins the 2023/24 championship (videos)

On Thursday evening, the decisive game 5 of the « best-of-5 » finals series was played between Gréngewald Hueschtert and T71 Dudelange.

Gréngewald Hueschtert – T71 Dudelange 81:77
– Gréngewald wins the best-of-5 series 3:2 and wins the championship
– The hosts stormed back in the final quarter (23:8) to turn the game around
– Samantha Logic (23 points) and Lauren Van Kleunen (22) led Gréngewald to this comeback victory
– Mandy Geniets had one last chance to tie the game seconds before the end but her difficult 3-point shot missed (video)

It was the third title in the women’s category in Gréngewald’s club history and the second title in a row.

Take a look at some of the best plays of the game in the video.

All results of the series:

Game 1: Gréngewald Hueschtert – T71 Dudelange 62:59
Game 2: T71 Dudelange – Gréngewald Hueschtert 59:56
Game 3: Gréngewald Hueschtert – T71 Dudelange 82:75
Game 4: T71 Dudelange – Gréngewald Hueschtert 78:64
Game 5: Gréngewald Hueschtert – T71 Dudelange 81:77

Picture: Ant Deister (cup final) –> Gréngewald conserve son titre –> Gréngewalds Basketballerinnen verteidigen den Meistertitel –> Hueschtert wënnt decisive 5. Match an ass Lëtzebuerger Champion –> Hostert verteidigt seinen Titel in extremis

Par FLBB , le 10/05/2024 à 19:54