Grün, Trier lose against Tübingen (stats)

On Saturday-evening, the Gladiators Trier lost their game against Tübingen. At home, the final score was 59:71 in favor of the guests.

In a game where both teams struggled to make shots, Trier was able to come back into the game in the final quarter and reduced the deficit to 2 points, but Tübingen came out victorious after having the better finish. All in all, Trier showed a weak performance on Saturday, they only made 32% of their shot attempts.

This is a crucial loss for the race to the play-offs as Tübingen is one of the weaker teams of the league. Trier’s record is now 5:6 (5 wins, 6 losses), a record that needs to be improved in order to reach the top 8.

Thomas Grün did not score a point, he had 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

game stats –> game_stats_Trier VS Tübingen

On Wednesday, Trier will play another home-game against Heidelberg.

Picture: Photgroove / Gladiators Trier

Par FLBB , le 09/01/2021 à 21:20