In the middle of FIBA EuroBasket: Commissioner Alain Steffes

Alain Steffes is currently representing our country at the FIBA EuroBasket in Cologne, Germany. The commissioner is extremely busy, he was active at the game Bosnia/Herzegovina – Hungary and France – Germany on Thursday and Lithuania – France on Saturday. On Sunday, Steffes will be the commissioner at the games Lithuania – Germany and France – Hungary.

„It is very stressful but an amazing experience », says Steffes who is having a 10:00 meeting in the morning on every game day together with the referees. 2 hours before the start of games, the team travels to the arena. „During the games, I need to be completely focused which is challenging, also because we need to wear a FFP2 mask. There is no room to make errors at the table. »

We wish Alain a lot of fun and success with this extraordinary challenge.

Picture: Henri Pleimling (former FLBB president, facebook page)

Picture: Alain Steffes (Cologne)

Par FLBB , le 04/09/2022 à 10:29