International tournament for girls and boys on Sunday

On Sunday (26.6), an international tournament for girls and boys will be played in Oberanven. The FLBB event is sponsored by our partner QUBE.

Teams in the girls competition:
U12 Luxembourg Girls
U13 Saarland Selection
U12 Uckange
U13 Luxembourg Girls

Teams in the boys competition:
U12 Luxembourg Boys
U12 Metz
U12 SLUC Nancy
U13 Belgrade Namur

Each team will have 3 games in 1 day.

Games (Court 1)
09:30 Girls: Luxembourg U12 VS Saarland
11:00 Boys: Luxembourg VS Metz
13:00 Girls: Uckange VS Luxembourg U12
14:30 Boys: Nancy VS Luxembourg
16:00 Girls: Luxembourg U12 VS Luxembourg U13
17:30 Boys: Luxembourg VS Namur

Games (court 2)
09:30 Girls: Uckange VS Luxembourg U13
11:00 Boys: Nancy VS Namur
13:00 Girls: Luxembourg U13 VS Saarland
14:30 Boys: Namur VS Metz
16:00 Girls: Saarland VS Uckange
17:30 Boys: Metz VS Nancy

Par FLBB , le 22/06/2022 à 06:00