Interview: Dorian Grosber is eager to play at a high level

17-year old Dorian Grosber is a special talent. The young player, who played for Sparta Bertrange in his youth, made his national team debut this summer and is part of the extended roster of the German top team Alba Berlin for the 2023/24 season. He was also selected to represent Luxembourg at the NBA basketball without borders camp Europe in Poland.

You got invited to represent Luxembourg at the NBA basketball without borders Europe camp in Poland. What was your reaction when received the invitation and how was the experience?
I was amazed and a little nervous when I received the invitation. However it was a great chance to see that I can compete with the best young players in Europe. It was a special opportunity to gain experience with NBA coaches and other great players, the level of competition was very strong.

Could you describe your every day life in Berlin?
I go to school until 14:00 and there is at least one practice per day. Starting next week, I will also work out before school starts in the morning, from 6:30-8:00. In the evenings, I have team practice with one of my teams. During the off-season, I am working to gain weight by adding muscles.

You are being called the biggest talent in luxembourgish basketball of the last years. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
I think that were many very talented players in Luxembourg over the last years. I was lucky that I got the chance to join Alba Berlin to develop my game. I have no idea where I will be in five years, the only thing I know for sure is that I am not afraid to play and compete with players at the highest level, Euroleague or NBA or wherever, we will see where I can play in some years.

You are part of the extended roster of Alba Berlin and a key member of the youth team in the NBBL. What are your expectations going into the upcoming 2023/24 season?
The main goal and focus is on winning the NBBL championship once again and being a main player on that team. Furthermore, my wish is to play a game with our pro team.

Can you describe your playing style: What are your strengths and what things are you working on the most?
My playing style has changed a lot over the last years. In Luxembourg, I was a point guard who tried to involve everybody. In Germany, I have become more of a slasher who is trying to go 1on1 a lot. I would say that I am a shooting guard who can play the point guard position too. At the moment, my key focus is becoming stronger, I am working a lot on my body, especially to have stronger legs and hips.


Par FLBB , le 08/09/2023 à 20:51