Magaly Meynadier’s long and difficult road to recovery

Professional athlete Magaly Meynadier is one of the best luxembourgish basketball players and has been a key part of the national team for many years. This season ended however with a serious injury as she tore her ACL. At the moment, Meynadier is on a long and difficult road to recovery.

„I was shocked when I got the news about the injury, especially because I was still able to walk and drive a car. I did not realize that I will be such a long road to recovery before the operation. Then, I knew that the road to full recovery was not going to be easy but honestly I did not expect it to be this hard. The whole process is difficult and there are so many ups and downs that I need to go through so that the last few weeks have been really difficult to me » says the guard player who always plays with 100% energy on both ends of the court.

Meynadier knows that she is in the middle of the road to recovery but it „will not be a straigth line and there are always setbacks on the way. I am extremely motivated and ambitious to return but I have to be patient right now. I still have trouble to stretch the knee, something that is absolutely necessary in order to return to running drills. At the moment, the mental aspect of the process is very difficult because there is a certain amount of frustration that I have to deal with. »

Meynadier’s everyday life is highly influenced by her recovery process. „I am working on getting healthy every day. I have 2 different physiotherapists and I spend a lot of time at the Coque in Kirchberg. First, I did a lot of swimming, then I started biking. At the moment, I get up early in the morning to go swimming and after that I visit the high perfomance center in the Coque to go through my stretching exercises for at least one hour. After that, I visit the physiotherapist and lastly I continue to do my rehabilitation program with exercises at home in the evening. This everyday schedule does not leave a lot of room for free time which makes the process even more exhausting. »

However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Meynadier also has a comeback date in her mind. „I have a clear goal as a return date in my mind, this is something that I need to stay motivated every day. My wish is to be back on the court at the end of January. This would mean that I will take part in team practice in late December or early January. It is difficult to predict an exact date at the moment, even physio team can not make a clear prediction. »

Meynadier has extended her contract with the German team Saarlouis Royals in the first league (DBBL) where she is the team captain.

Par FLBB , le 12/08/2022 à 23:51