Ivor Kuresevic will join a basketball academy in the USA

Ivor Kuresevic just won the LBBL championship with Amicale Steinsel. At his young age (19), he already played a big role in Amicale’s rotation this season. Now, he will face a different challenge next season as he decided to leave Luxembourg and play basketball and visit a school in the USA.

In fact, he will be a student at the Combine academy in Lincolnton, North Carolina. „It is a stage year in between highschool and college/university. In this 8 month program, my every day life will be highly influenced by basketball. I will take some courses and hopefully I will receive an offer for a college after the next year. My dream is to be at a good college and spend 4 years in that program after this year in Lincolnton. »

Kuresevic has high ambitions when it comes to his development as a player: „The focus in this program will be on basketball, I will work in every area of the game and try to become better to reach my goal of joining a college. I would describe it as a gap year where I can fully focus on the sport but still visit a school at the same time. My goal is to study sociology/psychology in one year from now. I definitely have a professional basketball in my mind because I am very passionate about the sport. It is still too early to talk about playing professionally but I will try my best to become better, visit a college and then I will see what might be possible in the future. It would a dream to play professional basketball at one point in my life, hopefully it will become reality. »

Par FLBB , le 30/05/2022 à 11:31