Ken Diederich nominates 13 players for the men’s national team games in August

Our men’s national team will play the second round of the qualification tournament for the World Cup 2023 in August. Head-coach Ken Diederich nominated 13 players that are part of the roster to start the training camp:

Delgado Ivan (Etzella)
Grün Thomas (Gladiators Trier, Gemrmany)
Gutenkauf Philippe (Etzella)
Melcher Bob (Amicale)
Kalmes Joé (T71)
Kovac Ben (Den Helder Suns, Netherlands)
Laurent Alex (Kortijk Spurs, Belgium)
Rugg Clancy (Basket Esch)
Vujakovic Oli (Tirol Raiders, Austria)
Wolff Mathis (Sparta)
Diederich Jonathan (Ehingen Urspring academy, Germany)
Verbeelen Yannick (Sparta)
Konen Tom (Amicale)

Head-coach: Ken Diederich
Assistant-coaches: Pit Rodenbourg, Denis Toroman

For the first time, Jonathan Diederich (18 years old) will be part of the men’s roster, he is playing in Germany at the basketball academy in Urspring. 4 players play professional basketball (Kovac, Rugg, Laurent, Grün) while Delgado is also looking for a club to play professional basketball next season.

Compared to the last games in February, Max Schmit (Heffingen), Gaetan Bernimont (Racing), Kevin Moura (T71), Yann Wolff (Etzella) and Mike Feipel (Sparta) are not part of the roster (Thomas Grün missed some games because of the Covid-19 virus) while 3 players (Mathis Wolff, Jonathan Diederich and Tom Konen) were not part of our roster in February.

Our men will face Sweden and Portugal in the games in August, the 4 games will be played in Portugal.

Picture: FIBA (bubble in February)

Par FLBB , le 20/07/2021 à 07:56