Ken Diederich nominates 17 players for games in November

Our men’s national team will play the EuroBasket 2025 Pre-Qualifiers over the next years. The first window will be played this November with a home game in the Coque against Romania on November 28th and a road game in Albania on November 25th!

Ken Diederich, head coach of the men’s team, and his assistant Denis Toroman, have nominated these 17 players:

Philippe Gutenkauf (Etzella)
Bob Melcher (Amicale)
Thomas Grün (Trier, Germany)
Pit Biever (Basket Esch)
Malcolm Kreps (Résidence)
Ben Kovac (Den Helder, Netherlands)
Mike Feipel (Sparta)
Alex Laurent (Kotrijk, Belgium)
Clancy Rugg (Basket Esch)
Joé Kalmes (T71)
Mihailo Andjelkovic (Contern)
Mathis Wolff (Sparta)
Kevin Moura (T71)
Yann Wolff (Etzella)
Max Logelin (Sparta)
DJ Wilson (Arantia)
Ivan Delgado (Sindri, Iceland)

–> 4 players (Laurent, Kovac, Delgado, Grün) are playing professional basketball abroad, Clancy Rugg is a professional player in Luxembourg.

Head coach: Ken Diederich
Assistant coach: Denis Toroman
Video: Pit Rodenbourg
Kiné: Yves de Waha
Manager: Ferny Ginter
Doc: Leo Tondeur
Media: Lena Hetto

The upcoming games:

The women’s roster for the game in November –> Women: 15 players nominated for national team games in November

Par FLBB , le 19/10/2021 à 21:59