Kordall Steelers promote / Mamer jumps to 3rd place

The first round of the play-offs in the men’s National 2 is over. The six teams have played 5 out of 10 games.

League leader Kordall Steelers stormed back in the final quarter (33:15) to beat Avanti Mondorf 88:85 on Sunday evening. With this victory, the league leader promotes to the LBBL. With 5 game days remaining, only a 3-team tie with Mondorf and Mamer is still possible and in that 3-team tie, Kordall would always be 1st or 2nd and is therefore also mathematically impossible to stop. Despite the loss, Mondorf remains second in the league standings and is still one point ahead of Mamer, a very interesting race for the second place should be ahead over the next couple of weeks, all teams still have chances to jump to the 3rd place.

Mambra Mamer was able to beat Black Star Mersch 94:89 and with this victory, the team of coach Mike Smith jumps to third place in the standings. All starters scored in double digits for the hosts with Dakota Zinser leading the way for Mamer with 30 points.

Racing Luxembourg and the Hedgehogs Bascharage are tied in the standings after the team from the capital was able to beat the opponent 86:65 on Sunday. The hosts hit 13 three-pointers and had 20 assists as a team as Flenard Whitfield led the way with 26 points. With 32 points each, both teams remain in the race for promotion, but they have a 2-point-deficit to the 3rd place with only 5 games remaining.

The standings:
Kordall Steelers (18:3) – 39 points (Kordall promotes to the LBBL)
Avanti Mondorf (14:7) – 35 points
Mambra Mamer (13:8) – 34 points
Black Star Mersch (12:9) – 33 points
Hedgehogs Bascharage (11:10) – 32 points
Racing Luxembourg (11:10) – 32 points

After the play-offs, the top 2 teams promote to the LBBL while the 3rd placed team will play a best-of-3 promotion series against the third last placed team of the LBBL.

Par FLBB , le 19/03/2023 à 21:19