Luxembourg eliminated after losses against Spain and Netherlands (video highlights)

Our 3X3 women’s national team was playing the first two games of the Europe Cup competition in Jerusalem (Israel) on Tuesday. After two losses, the tournament is over for for our women, the qualification was clearly a historical success.

In the first game against Spain, the opponent won the game by scoring 21 points with 45 seconds remaining on the game clock. In fact, Bridget Yoerger scored the first two baskets for Luxembourg and our national team led 2:0. Spain would be able to take control of the game over the next minutes.

In the second game, the Netherlands took control of the game early and finally won 18:8 against our national team.

Luxembourg – Spain 10:21
Luxembourg – Netherlands 8:18

12 teams (France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic) compete at the women’s Europe Cup, separated into 4 groups of 3 teams. Only the top 2 teams of each group enter the quarter finals. Luxembourg finishes group D in third place and is eliminated.

Team roster:
Lisa Jablonowski, Nadia Mossong, Cathy Schmit, Bridget Yoerger

Vincent Gevrey –> FLBB-Damen verlieren beide EM-Gruppenspiele gegen Spanien und die Niederlande –> Luxemburgs 3×3-Frauen verpassen Überraschung –> Lëtzebuerger Damme verléiere géint Holland

Par FLBB , le 05/09/2023 à 17:12