Mamer wins at the buzzer in Bertrange (video)

Game day 6 was played in the women’s and men’s LBBL on Saturday evening.

Arantia Larochette – Etzella Ettelbruck 79:87
– Etzella improves to 4:2 while Arantia’s record drops to 2:4
– The guests had a strong start and took a quick lead, Arantia managed to fight back into the game but never cam close enough to take the lead
– Jimmie Taylor scored 31 points, Philippe Gutenkauf added 17 as Etzella knocked down 18/20 free throws

Sparta Bertrange – Mambra Mamer 112:115 (overtime)
– Sparta’s record drops to 2:4 while Mamer’s record improves to 5:1
– This game could not have ended more spectacular, Mamer won on 2 steals and made shots by Antunio Bivins within 10 seconds, watch the video below
– Yannick Verbeelen hit a spectacular shot to force overtime, you can watch that video below, too

Musel Pikes – Résidence Walfer 99:93
– While the Musel Pikes earn a second win this season (2:4), Résidence loses for the first time (5:1)
– Tai Bibbs scored 36 points and Quentin Bouttet added 8 threes to help the Pikes upset the leader of the league that played without Christian Rodriguez

T71 Dudelange – Basket Esch 55:62
– Both teams have the same record after this game (4:2)
– Jordan Hicks led his team with 24 points

Kordall Steelers – Amicale Steinsel 76:113
– Amicale improves to 5:1, while Kordall has won 1 out of 6 games this season (1:5)
– 5 players of the guests scored at least 10 points in this blowout victory

Gréngewald Hueschtert – AB Contern 80:82
– Gréngewald remains winless (0:6), Contern earns a second win this season (2:4)
– Henry Pwono led Contern with 31 points

Sparta Bertange – Amicale Steinsel 88:70
– Sparta improves to 5:1 while Steinsel loses its first game of the season (4:1)
– Mikayla Ferenz missed the game (injured)
– Jovana Jaksic scored 26 points in the first half to give her team a big lead at the break (53:34), she finished the game with 32, Bridget Yoerger added 16 points and 16 rebounds

T71 Dudelange – Basket Esch 86:52
– T71 improves its record to 4:1 while Basket Esch has a 1:5 record after this loss
– Esch scored 2 points in the second quarter and 6 points in the third quarter

Musel Pikes – AS Zolwer 96:63
– First win for the Musel Pikes (1:4), Zolwer remains winless (0:6)
– Caitlyn Parker Jones scored 30 points for the hosts, Julie Nilles added 15 off the bench

Gréngewald Hueschtert – AB Contern 67:58
– Gréngewald remains unbeaten (5:0), while Contern’s record drops to 2:3
– Amanda Cahill and Lauren Van Kleunen scored 22 points apiece

Par FLBB , le 28/10/2023 à 22:35