Men’s game 2 on Wednesday

The second game of the best-of-5 finals series will be played in Dudelange on Wednesday at 20:00. It will be interesting to see what adjustments both teams will make, especially Amicale Steinsel, the team that is in danger of going down 0:2.

In the RTL Rebound, Tom Konen of Amicale noted that there „is not a lot of pressure on the team because they are only down 1 game and they do not face elimination yet ».

Amicale can not allow Taylor to score 37 points once again and Bob Melcher needs more help on offense. Jarvis Williams had an off night (6/23 field goals) and he will definitely show a different performance in game 2, but he is playing against a very strong defender in Greenwood.

In game 1, T71 had 10 more shot attempts than Amicale, this can be the difference in a close game and there is big reason to believe that all of the games of this series will be extremely thrilling until the final buzzer. Every 50:50 ball can make the difference in this year’s finals. Will T71 use home court advantage and take a 2:0 lead or can Amicale tie the series? This question will be answered in game 2 of the LBBL finals.

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You can watch the game in the RTL LIVE ARENA –> RTL LIVE ARENA

Par FLBB , le 04/05/2022 à 06:58