Men’s key facts and stats (game day 5)

The men’s key facts and stats of game day 5 are presented by our partner Spuerkeess.

Scorers (non-professional players)
Mihailo Andjelkovic (21)
Malcolm Kreps (20)
Joé Biever (18)
Derek Wilson, Jean Kox, Yann Wolff (17)
Dylan Rocha Pires, Tom Welter (15)
Joe Kalmes, Steve Barzacca, Dean Gindt (13)
Luka Buntic, Gaetan Bernimont, Steven Mersch, Philippe Gutenkauf, Max Logelin (11)
Kevin Moura, Yannick Verbeelen (10)

Scorers (professional players)
Richard Thomas (41)
Henry Pwono (31)
Terry Winn (28)
Dikembe Dixson, Quintin Dove (27)
Derek Murphy, Alex Stein, Bryan Jefferson, Charles Williams (26)
Tyrell Sturdivant (25)
Jace Hogan, Jordan Hicks, Joshua Sykes (24)
Justin Strings (21)
Duane Johnson, Armon Fletcher (20)

Best rebounders (all players)
Donte Nichols (21)
Xavier Robert-Francois, Yann Wolff, Joshua Sykes (17)
Terry Winn (15)
Derk Murphy, Jerome Frink, Alex Stein, Clancy Rugg (14)
Tyrell Sturdivant, Jordan Hicks (13)
Justin Strings, Criston Mallory, Alex Rodenbourg (12)
Malcolm Kreps (10)

Best passers (all players)
Philippe Arendt (12)
Duane Johnson, Lavone Holland (8)
Tom Welter, Mihailo Andjelkovic (7)
Philippe Gutenkauf (6)
Malik Wilson, Derek Wilson, Luka Buntic, Donte Nichols, Richard Thomas (5)

Stats/facts around the league
– Every team has lost a game after game day 5, Heffingen and Basket Esch lost their first game of the season
– The Musel Pikes and Amicale Steinsel remain winless
– Philippe Arendt had a season-high 12 assists in only 19 minutes on the court against Racing

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