Morrow and Amicale part ways after 5 years

After 5 years with Amicale Steinsel, Erica Morrow and the club part ways this summer. Morrow led Amicale to 6 titles and lastly figured as a player-coach for the club.

Thierry Kremer has taken over as the head-coach in Steinsel.

Here is the full message by Amicale Steinsel on facebook:

„Although there are many uncertainties concerning the upcoming season, we are close to finalising our women’s roster. Here, one major change warrants a special announcement.
Due to various factors Erica Morrow and Amicale Steinsel will go separate ways in the future. So, it is with fond memories, heavy hearts and the utmost gratefulness that we wish farewell to our point guard, leader, coach, friend and, ultimately, sister Erica. The capital E will forever be inseparable from our women’s program.
When Erica took over the starting point guard spot from Yvonne Anderson some 5 odd years ago, she was told not to lose any sleep over comparisons to our former point guard prodigy. Little did we know what kind of success Erica would become the motor for. Let’s put it in numbers, shall we?
6 titles, threepeating both as champions and in the cup competition
2938 total points
995 total assists
878 total rebounds
541 total steals
in 137 games with her yellow/purple warriors. One last little stat to put in perspective what kind of winner she is: 116 Ws! This translates to a win share of roughly 85%… Take that for data!
Of course, it is unfortunate that the current circumstances cut what turned out to become our last season together short. However, let’s not act like we didn’t grab a title this season #supercup or let things out of our control overshadow the unforgettable experience we had. It has likewise been an honour and a pleasure sharing half a decade with you in, and even more so, outside our beloved gym.
With all this being said (we obviously could go on), rest assured that we will make it our duty to keep your legacy alive.“

Par Kim Thesen , le 15/06/2020 à 21:37