National teams (women and men) are currently practicing

Our mens’ national team will enter another bubble tournament in February in Kosovo to finish the pre-qualification tournament with 2 games against Kosovo (18.02) and against Iceland (20.02.).

Right now, the team has the opportunity to practice together in the Coque from the 4th until the 16th of January. While the players that play abroad are missing at the moment, the following roster has been nominated by head coach Ken Diederich to be part of the practice sessions:

Mihailo Andjelkovic AB Contern
Lou Demuth Chicago State, USA
Clancy Rugg Basket Esch
Ivan Delgado BBC Etzella
Jonathan Diederich Urspring, Germany
Mike Feipel Sparta Bertrange
Philippe Gutenkauf Etzella
Joé Kalmes Musel Pikes
Malcolm Kreps Résidence
Max Schmit US Heffingen
Kevin Moura T71
Bob Melcher Racing
Yann Wolff Etzella
Xavier Robert Francois Résidence
Gaetan Bernimont Racing


The women’s national team also has practices together, the following roster was nominated by head coach Mariusz Dziurdzia:

Joy Baum Gréngewald
Tanja De Rond TSV Towers Speyer
Laure Diederich Musel Pikes
Michele Dittgen Basket Esch
Tessy Hetting Gréngewald
Laurie Irthum Gréngewald
Liz Irthum Gréngewald
Nadia Mossong T71
Catherine Mreches T71
Estelle Muller T71
Julie Nilles T71
Sofie Olsen Résidence
Jo Oly Gréngewald
Michèle Orban T71
Esmeralda Skrijelj Amicale
Kim Sowa Basket Esch
Bridget Yoerger Musel Pikes
Par FLBB , le 06/01/2021 à 16:15