Overview: 21 coaches in the Total League

9 teams play in the women’s, 12 teams play in the men’s Total League. This means that 21 head coaches will sit on the benches to start the 20/21 season in 2 weeks. Let’s take a look at the coaches, how many stayed with their team, how many joined a new team or are new in Luxembourg?

Basket Esch: Sylvain Lautié stays
Musel Pikes: John Dieckelman (new)
T71: Ken Diederich stays
Etzella: Kresimir Basic stays
Heffingen: Daniel Brandao stays
Racing: Torbjörn Gehrke (new)
Sparta: Pascal Meurs stays
AB Contern: Gavin Love stays
Amicale: Etienne Louvrier stays
Arantia: Christophe Ney (new)
Résidence: Alexis Kreps stays
Telstar: Gabor Boros stays

–> While 3 out of 12 clubs have added a new coach, 2 of them (Dieckelman and Gehrke) are new in Luxemburg.

Etzella: Dragana Zoric (stays)
T71: Jérôme Altmann (new)
Musel Pikes: Louis Wennig (stays)
Contern: Fabienne Fuger (stays)
Basket Esch: Vincent Gevrey (stays)
Résidence: Tara Booker (new)
Gréngewald: Hermann Paar (stays)
Amicale: Thierry Kremer (new)
Sparta: Tom Kries (stays)

–> 3 out 9 coaches in the women’s Total League are new with their club. However, no coach in the women’s league is new in Luxembourg.
–> 3 women are coaching in this highest division with Booker, Zoric and Fuger.
–> 6 out of 21 are Luxembourgish coaches, all 6 of them are male coaches.

Par Kim Thesen , le 10/09/2020 à 08:32