Possibly decisive game 4 of the finals

Game 4 of the LBBL finals is on the schedule this weekend. While the women’s game 4 will be played on Saturday (18:00), the men’s game 4 will be played on Sunday (17:00).

Gréngewald Hueschtert has the chance to repeat as league champion on Saturday. Their only loss in the championship this season was game 2 of the finals in Dudelange. Now, the team of coach Francois Manti could celebrate the title with a victory. If Dudelange can force a decisive game 5, that game would be played next Thursday in Hueschtert.

Results and schedule
Gréngewald Hueschtert – T71 Dudelange
– Game 1: 62:59 (Gréngewald leads 1:0)
– Game 2: 56:59 (T71 ties the series at 1:1)
– Game 3: 82:75 (Gréngewald leads 2:1)
– Game 4: Saturday (4.5) at 18:00 in Dudelange
– *Game 5: Thursday (9.5) at 19:00 in Oberanven

* if necessary

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In the men’s finals, Etzella needs a victory at home to force a decisive game 5 in Steinsel next Wednesday. No team has been able to win a road game in this year’s finals (women and men), can Amicale become the first team to grab a victory on the road and celebrate the title? That question will be answered on Sunday.

Amicale Steinsel – Etzella Ettelbruck
– Game 1: 82:72 (Amicale takes 1:0 lead)
– Game 2: 68:77 (Etzella ties the series at 1:1)
– Game 3: 83:77 (Amicale leads 2:1)
– Game 4: Sunday (5.5) at 17:00 in Ettelbruck
– *Game 5: Wednesday (8.5) at 20:15 in Steinsel

* if necessary

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