Recap of the U16 boys EYBL

Our U16 boys have played the EYBL in Lithuania, they have played their 5th and last game on Sunday.

Luxembourg – BC Wings 35:51
Coaching staff:
We were very ambitious at the start, we started with an 8-2 in our favor, however we quickly fell back into our mistakes with avoidable turnovers and also a very poor shooting success. Even though we face zone defenses and we lack that experience, we have to work on it but overall we expect a lot in mentality and aggressiveness.

Previous games:
Luxembourg Vilnius 47:62
coaching staff: We were better off in the offensive construction but it remains complicated to follow our rules in defense. Step by step.

Luxembourg – BC Tsmoki-Minsk 59:92
Coaching staff: We had very positive energy and showed a much better face on the offensive end with in particular much more success on our shots. However on the defensive side, despite a much better spirit in the combativeness, we still have a lot of work to manage to put our rules in place.

Coaching staff:
We suffered during the first half with a lot of turnovers and a bad shooting success. In the second half, we win, there was a positive reaction from the team in the fighting spirit which allowed us to better control them in defense and we found easy basket situations in the fast game.

Coaching staff:
We were completely overwhelmed by the level. Furthermore we played against a zone defense, many of our players lack experience to attack this type of defense, we will work on this point.

The next games at the EYBL will be played from January 27-30 2022.

Par FLBB , le 20/12/2021 à 09:11