Recap: U14 BaWü Exchange 3 X 3

During the traditional « BaWü Exchange », our U14 boys were able to compete in a 3×3 outdoor tournament against the players from Baden-Württemberg.

After 3×3 experiences during the annual Christmas camp for youth national teams in Hosingen and the Journée Nationale du Basket on 3rd April 2022, this was another opportunity for our U14 players to familiarize themselves with the 3×3 discipline.

On Friday, three teams from BaWü and four teams from Luxembourg competed in a pool of seven teams (round-robin) against each other. At the end of the tournament teams BaWü1 and BaWü2 finished at the top of the standings, while team Lux3 (Tom Kloos, Leis Sabotic and Nicolas Roque do Amaral) managed to clinch the third spot.

Overall this event was a great way for our national team players to gain some more 3×3 experience and to be able to play 3×3 in an outdoor setting on a FIBA-certified court and basket.

Charel Brettner, Marvin Delgado, Jules Reuter, Stefan Stoykov

Noah Kouamedjouo, Justin Lux, Theo Mc Leod, Noah Wolter

Lux3: Tom Kloos, Leis Sabotic, Nicolas Roque do Amaral

Noah Daleiden, Jamie Freymann, Mateo McSwain, Omar Youssef Essid

Par FLBB , le 23/04/2022 à 18:34