Résidence beats Gréngewald as Brown’s shot came after the buzzer (video)

On Thursday-evening, a rescheduled game was played in the women’s LBBL between Gréngewald and Résidence Walfer. In the end, Résidence wins this game as Gréngewald’s last basket came after the final buzzer.

Gréngewald – Résidence 73:75
– This rescheduled game was the last game of the regular season in the women’s championship
– Cassandra Brown’s last shot tio tie the game came just after thue buzzer (video)
– 4 Résidence-players scored 10+ points as Kierra Anthony led her team with 23 points
– 4 players of Gréngewald scored between 11 and 14 points, the team also hit 13/14 free throws
– Résidence finishes the regular season with a 13:5 record (3rd place), Gréngewald has a 10:8 record after 18 games (4th)

Par FLBB , le 26/01/2022 à 20:30