Results of the 3 X 3 tournament in Esch Belval

After two years of absence, Basket Esch’s traditional 3×3 tournament in Belval is finally back! Under a new name « 3×3 Esch Belval » and for the first time as a FIBA-endorsed event, the tournament took place on Saturday, 9th July at Place de l’Academie.

A total of 45 teams registered for the event in the categories Poussins, Poussines, U14 Girls, U15 Boys, U18 Boys, and Open Men. Starting at 10:00, these teams competed on a total of 7 courts, including the FLBB plastic tile court sponsored by Qube and an official FIBA-approved 3×3 basket.

At the end of the day, the following teams were crowned winners of their respective categories:

Poussines : Girls on fire

Poussins : Big three

U14 Girls : TUNES

U15 Boys : Can’t guard us

U18 Boys : Flammang’s boys

Open Men : Talk to me nice

Full overview of results:

Only a week after 3×3 Esch Belval, another FIBA-endorsed tournament will be organized in Luxembourg by BBC Etzella Ettelbruck on 16th July. “Luxlait & BBC Etzella present 3×3” will be taking place in front of Luxlait’s headquarters in Roost.

The categories U16 Women & Men, U16 Women & Men, and Senior Women & Senior Men, will be able to participate on 3 courts, including the FLBB plastic-tile court.

Feel free to come by to enjoy some music, see exciting games and support the 3×3 movement!


Par FLBB , le 09/07/2022 à 22:08