Start of the LBBL play-offs and play-down / women’s play-offs continue

On Saturday and Sunday, the play-offs and the play-down in the men’s LBBL will start. Meanwhile, the women’s playoffs will continue.

In the men’s play-offs, the quarter finals start!

20:00 Résidence Walfer – Arantia Larochette
20:30 Amicale Steinsel – Sparta Bertrange
20:30 Basket Esch – T71 Dudelange
17:15 Etzella Ettelbruck – AB Contern

It is the first game of a best-of-3 series. The second game will be played already next Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if the 4 home team can defend home court and grab a chance to qualify on Wednesday. With a loss at home, the better seeded teams will be under pressure on Wednesday.

In the men’s play-down, it is the first game day of a total of 6 games, each team will face each other twice. Mamer has the best cards, the club has a 2-point advantage over Gréngewald and a 3-point advantage over the Pikes and Steelers to start this round. The bottom 2 teams after 6 game days will relegate to the National 2, the third last placed team will play a best-of-3 promotion/relegation series against the third best team from the National 2.

19:00 Musel Pikes – Gréngewald Hueschtert
17:00 Mambra Mamer – Kordall Steelers

The standings:

Mambra Mamer 8:14 30
Gréngewald Hueschtert 6:16 28
Musel Pikes 5:17 27
Kordall Steelers 5:17 27

In the women’ play-offs, game day 4 (out of 5) is on the schedule.

17:30 Sparta Bertrange – Les Sangliers Wiltz
18:00 T71 Dudelange – AB Contern
18:30 Amicale Steinsel – Gréngewald Hueschtert

With a victory at home, T71 could secure the second place to start the semi finals. The main question will be if Contern or Amicale can enter the semi finals as the number 4 seed. Next week, both teams will face each other in a potential showdown. Contern could qualify this Saturday with a victory against Dudelange and a loss by Steinsel at the same time.

During the week, T71 Dudelange published the news that Jérôme Altmann will not continue to coach the women’s team in the 2024/25 season.

The standings:

Team Record overall Play-off record Points
Gréngewald 19:0 3:0 38
Dudelange 14:5 2:1 33
Bertrange 13:6 2:1 32
Contern 11:8 1:2 30
Steinsel 10:9 1:2 29
Wiltz 8:11 0:3 27

In the men’s National 2 play-offs, first seed Heffingen could promote this weekend. In fact, Heffingen needs a victory over the Black Frogs Schieren and a victory by Mondorf over Black Star Mersch at the same time.

20:00 US Heffingen – Black Frogs Schieren
20:00 Avanti Mondorf – Black Star Mersch
18:00 AS Zolwer – Racing Luxembourg

Par FLBB , le 22/03/2024 à 16:18