The game mode for the 2023/24 season

The 2023/24 season is only a few days away. Let’s take a look at the game mode in the LBBL and National 2.

In the men’s LBBL, 12 teams will compete against each other.The best 8 teams will play the playoffs in knock-out rounds. The bottom 4 teams will play the « relegation ».

In the men’s National 2, 9 teams will compete. The top 6 teams will enter the play-offs where all teams meet each other twice. The best two teams promote to the LBBL while the third best team will play a promotion-series against the third worst team from the LBBL.

In the women’s LBBL, 9 teams will compete. The top 6 teams enter the play-offs where one round of 5 game-days will be played before the top 4 teams continue with the semi-finals and finals. In the play-down, the best two teams from the National 2 will join the three worst LBBL teams, 4 out of 5 teams will play in the LBBL in the 2024/25 season.

10 teams compete in the women’s National 2. The best two teams after the regular season will play the play-offs with the worst 3 LBBL teams.

Par FLBB , le 15/09/2023 à 18:28