The program “FLBBscheduler“ aims to simplify and improve the scheduling of the games

The schedules of the basketball season are a big part of the FLBB’s organization. With the start of the 2021/22 season in a few weeks, the software « FLBBscheduler » that was created and programmed by Pit Schneider, will be used to do most parts of the scheduling.

Together with Pit Kesseler and Claude Roettgers, Pit Schneider worked out the main requirements for this software tool. „The purpose of FLBBscheduler is to improve and optimize the basketball game schedule for a select set of criteria, to save time through automation and to increase objectivity by letting a computer take the decisions” says Schneider, who notes that the FLBBscheduler is a work in progress with the goal of adapting it over the years. „The use of Artificial Intelligence helps FLBB to come up with an improved plan for the season, in a less time consuming way”.

The software learns to consider criteria, such as for example gym availability, combining senior men/women games, or overall schedule fairness.

(Pit Schneider)

Here you can find the league’s schedules –> Season 2021/22 is only one month away / schedules

Par FLBB , le 30/08/2021 à 16:31