The race for the play-offs enters the decisive phase

This Saturday and Sunday, the 16th game day in the men’s and the 15th game day in the women’s league is scheduled.

In the men’s league, the play-off race continues to be the focus as the race for the first 8 places becomes more and more intense. A look at the standings shows that the top 5 teams have a big advantage and those teams are not in doubt of missing the play-offs, even if they will start a terrible losing streak. Heffingen and Zolwer, on the other hand, are nearly excluded from the play-off race, they would have to win nearly all remaining games in order to make a push for the 8th place. However, it looks like 5 teams will compete for the places 6-10 over the next weeks. After a big win on the road in Ettelbruck, Arantia is in the best possible position of the 5 teams and if they can surprise Amicale on Saturday, their could basically book their ticket to play-offs. The teams that have the most pressure are Gréngewald and Sparta (both have a 5:10 record), they need wins in order to put pressure on Arantia, Contern and the Musel Pikes. Gréngewald has a good opportunity to grab a win as the team is playing against last placed team Heffingen on the road, Sparta faces Etzella at home.

On Saturday:
20:00 Arantia Larochette – Amicale Steinsel
20:00 US Heffingen – Gréngewald Hueschtert
20:30 Sparta Bertrange – Etzella Ettelbruck
20:30 AB Contern – T71 Dudelange
20:30 Basket Esch – Musel Pikes

On Sunday:
18:00 AS Zolwer – Résidence Walfer

The standings in the men’s league:

In the women’s league,it looks like 3 teams will compete for the places 7-9 over the remaining game days. Etzella (5:9), Musel Pikes (4:10) and Basket Esch (4:8) are close in the standings and on Saturday, a key game will be played in Esch where the hosts will play against their direct rival Musel Pikes. The Musel Pikes were able to win the first matchup by 5 points, the direct comparison is clearly another factor that both teams will focus on at the end of this game. After entering the cup semi finals on Thursday with a win on the road in Walferdange, Gréngewald Hueschtert will host Wiltz at home. Résidence is playing on the road in Zolwer on Sunday.

T71 added Taylor Jones to its women team to replace Shalonda Winton temporarily.

On Saturday:
18:30 AB Contern – T71 Dudelange
18:30 Sparta Bertrange – Amicale Steinsel
18:30 Basket Esch – Musel Pikes
19:00 Gréngewald Hueschtert – Les Sangliers Wiltz

On Sunday:
15:15 AS Zolwer – Résidence Walfer

The standings in the women’s league:

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